The day following Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech, in which he mainly expressed his frustration and anger with the US and vowed to decline all of US President Donald Trump’s plans, it seems that opinions are divided among the Palestinian people. Some believe that Abbas gave a historic speech, while others believe that nothing new was presented.

Trump and Abbas

Trump and Abbas Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech on Sunday does not seem to have raised many emotions among Ramallah residents, as diplomatic crises no longer sway Palestinians. Abbas spoke about the Oslo Accords, international mediation for peace talks and denounced US President Donald Trump’s peace efforts. However, the two-hour long speech will mostly be remembered for one remark: “Your house will be destroyed.”

“If someone does something to me, I tell him: ‘yakhrab baytek’ – meaning I hope that your home will be destroyed and that I will destroy it,” Ramallah resident Abu Al-Baraa explained. “It’s a curse. It’s just empty words.” Al-Baraa added that “Jerusalem has belonged to Islam since Allah created Earth.”

Another Ramallah resident, Abu Ahmad, said: “We all say to Trump ‘yakhrab baytek’ because Trump distanced the Palestinians and Israelis from the peace process.”

In order to truly understand the crisis within the Palestinian leadership, one must remember that in the eyes of the Palestinian people, Abbas’s strategy of negotiations and reaching a political settlement has recently collapsed and there are currently no alternative solutions. “There are cells sitting in Tel Aviv thinking about how to distort and demonize every one of us,” Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rajoub claimed. “You can see that the whole attack is concentrated on Fatah and Fatah’s leadership and others are sitting every Saturday watching the attacks against us and applauding.”