he Palestinian Authority has expressed its outrage regarding the Jerusalem Light Rail plan that would connect Jerusalem to settlements over the Green Line, claiming that the plan is aimed at “stealing more Palestinian land.” The Israeli Transportation Ministry stated that the railways are meant for all residents.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Palestinians are outraged

PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Palestinians are outraged Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday), The Palestinian Authority (PA) responded to Israel Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz’s controversial plan to create a new Jerusalem Light Rail line that would connect Israel’s capital city and the surrounding settlements. Outraged, the PA claimed that this would just be another plain aimed at “robbing territory from Palestinian land.”

“The right-wing Israeli ministers in power are competing with one another in order to come up with plans and projects aimed at stealing more occupied Palestinian land,” the Palestinian Foreign Affairs Ministry released in an official statement. “It is meant to serve the interest of settlement expansion. The plan is designed to close in on the Palestinians and separate Palestinian neighborhoods from one another in order to turn Palestinians’ lives into hell. It would definitively close the door to the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

The Israeli Transportation Ministry confirmed that the planned rail lines would be accessible to all residents, both Israelis and Palestinians.