The parents of Niv Hazon, who was killed in a 1987 terror attack, recently found a letter he wrote as an eight-year-old boy in which he asked his sister never to forget him.

Niv Hazon

Niv Hazon Photo courtesy of the Hazon family

In November 1987, two Palestinian terrorists killed six IDF soldiers in an attack known as the Night of the Gliders, named so after the hang gliders they used to infiltrate into Israel from southern Lebanon.

One of the victims was Niv Hazon, who served in the Nahal infantry brigade. His sister, Michal, says his funeral was packed with people. “There was no Facebook and no WhatsApp, and still many people came to be with us,” she recounts.

A few months ago, Michal’s parents found a letter Niv had written to his sister as an eight-year-old boy, saying, “Please remember me and never forget me.”

These chilling words made Michal want to show her brother that she has, indeed, not forgotten him, by urging as many people as possible to attend his upcoming 30-year memorial.

“I have a dream that this year, 30 years after he was killed, many people will once again gather around his grave and remember Niv,” she wrote on her Facebook page.