Asher and Irit Shachar, whose son Omri was killed in 2012 while serving in the Israeli Navy, arrived outside the PM’s residence on Friday to protest a court’s decision not to allow them to use their son’s frozen sperm to have a grandchild.

Irit, Omri Shachar's mother, protesting in Jerusalem

Irit, Omri Shachar’s mother, protesting in Jerusalem Photo credit: Irit Shachar’s Facebook page

The parents of a fallen IDF soldier demonstrated on Friday outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem after a court rejected their request to use their son’s sperm to have a grandchild.

Omri Shachar, an Israeli Navy officer, was killed in a 2012 car crash while on his way back to his base. Shortly before burying him, his parents, Asher and Irit, decided to extract and freeze one of his sperms. About six months later, the state rejected their request to use their son’s sperm. After a four-year battle, the Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court ruled in the parents’ favor, but the state appealed the ruling and won.

“I’m here to protect the right of the deceased to a next generation and I want it regulated under the law,” said Irit. “It’s time for the state to promote a law on the issue rather than send bereaved parents to courts to waste their time and money.”

“We thought at first that maybe it was wrong to do this on Holocaust Day,” said Asher, “but then we realized it was right because this day also symbolizes the continuation of generations.”