Despite the American condemnation of the Palestinian Authority’s rewards program for terrorists, the Ramallah-based government plans to continue its support for murderers and their families in 2018 with $355 million, according to the Palestinian Media Watch watchdog.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas

PA President Mahmoud Abbas Photo Credit: Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority has published the main sections of its 2018 budget, revealing the enormous sum of money that it will dedicate to terrorists and their families, a Jerusalem media watchdog group reported on Wednesday. The parts of the PA’s new budget were released in the same week that the United States passed the Taylor Force Act, which cuts off American funds to the PA due to its support for terrorists.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research, 7.47 percent of the PA’s total operational budget will be allotted to paying terrorists and their families. This part of the budget equals almost half of the foreign aid funding that the PA hopes to receive this year.

The PA plans to supply the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, which is in charge of caring for and paying terrorists, with NIS 581 million (about $166 million), of which NIS 550 million (about ($158 million) will be used to pay the terrorists, PMW’s founder Itamar Marcus clarified in the report.

In addition, the PA has stated that NIS 696 million (about $200 million) will be given to the Families of the Martyrs and Wounded Institution, which, among other things, pays the families of terrorists. Of this, NIS 687 million (about $197 million) will be used for paying the families, bringing the total amount that Ramallah plans to dedicate to rewarding terrorists for carrying out attacks and supporting their families to NIS 1.237 billion (about $355 million).