The Passengers of flight ELY008 who were stranded for 14 hours in a frozen Canadian airbase landed back in Israel on Monday but experienced further delays due to the protest of border control workers at Ben-Gurion airport.

Ben-Gurion Airport (archive)

Ben-Gurion Airport (archive) Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

After they made an emergency landing in a freezing Canadian airbase in Newfoundland and were stranded for 14 hours, the passengers of El-Al flight ELY008 finally landed in Israel on Monday. However, to their dismay the passengers found themselves delayed once more due to a protest of frustrated of Ben-Gurion airport employees.

Border control officials at Ben-Gurion airport disrupted the flow of passengers leaving and entering the country due to a shortage of about 200 border control employees. The exhausted El Al passengers requested a quick check-out via opening of additional passport control counters, but were refused.

The Israeli Population and Immigration Authority responded to the complaints in a statement on Monday: “The shortage of workers in border control is familiar to us and we are working on managing the issue. We have transferred funds for more posts and are negotiating with the [Ministry of] Finance for the employment of additional workers.”