Today, the largest IDF Paratroopers Brigade enlistment begins as hundreds of the brigade’s newest recruits pass through the induction center on their way to basic training at the Paratroopers’ Training Base. The soldiers’ new lives are a bit different than in civilian life with shooting ranges, workouts, barracks and a mess hall.

Some of the training IDF Paratroopers must go through

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Today (Wednesday), hundreds of new soldiers are enlisting into the IDF Paratroopers Brigade. The new troops will arrive at the induction center, put on their uniforms and receive everything that an IDF combat soldier needs. After the induction process, they will set off for a new life in which they will embark on the arduous training course that will turn them from IDF recruits to combat soldiers in the IDF Paratroopers Brigade.

From the induction center, the soldiers will set off for the Paratroopers’ Brigade Training Base in Southern Israel, located near Kibbutz Shomria, where the recruits enlisted into the brigade are prepared during a six-month long training process: three months of basic training and three months of advanced training until they officially become skilled warriors.

After training, they'll be ready for their units

After training, they’ll be ready for their units Photo Credit: Channel 2 News/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The new Paratroopers Brigade Training Base is divided into living quarters by the battalions and units that the soldiers beginning their training were assigned to within the brigade. According to the commanders, they try their best to allot at least seven hours of sleep per night in order to guarantee full concentration throughout the soldiers’ training.

Aside from the theoretical training in which the soldiers will learn all they need to know about the IDF and the brigade, the training obviously incorporates an abundant amount of strenuous physical training: combat fitness training with skilled male and female trainers within the large gym that includes spinning, strength training and Krav Maga. The soldiers also receive field training that includes wall and rope climbing.