This month’s Peace Index was published and revealed some interesting data. The majority of the Israeli public believes that during the next year, a war will break out between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Gaza, archive

Gaza, archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday), the Israel Democracy Institute and the Tel Aviv University published this month’s Peace Index. Most of the Israeli public believes that Israel’s next war will be against terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza.

In addition, other scenarios of wars against Hezbollah or Syria are seen as less likely. Only 9% believe that the next war will be against Iran. Over 80% trust the IDF to deal with any threat. However, only 57% of the Jewish public and a third of the Arab public in Israel believe that the current government will make the right decisions in case of a war. Despite different threats to the country, two-thirds of the public believe Israel’s security situation is good.

IDF attacks Syria, archive

IDF attacks Syria, archive Photo credit: Basel Awidat/ Flash90/ Channel 2 News

The index also measured the public’s attitude to the renewal of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. 61.5% of Israelis believe that US President Donald Trump’s attempts will fail and the sides will not return to the negotiating table anytime soon.

While over half of the Jewish public believes or is sure that the Israeli government isn’t interested in reaching a settlement, 80% believe that the Palestinian Authority is to blame.