U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is currently in Australia in order to strengthen America’s alliance with the country. On Sunday, he visited Sydney’s Taronga Zoo with his wife and two daughters.

The Pence family at the zoo

The Pence family at the zoo Photo Credit: EPA

On his first trip to Australia, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence made time to have some fun with his wife and two daughters Audrey and Charlotte. The Pence family visited Sydney’s Taronga Zoo on Sunday morning. Pence posed for a picture as he kneeled down and made a new friend: Penny, a red kangaroo.

Pence has already visited Japan, South Korea and Indonesia on his trip to the region, which is aimed at strengthening America’s alliances in the Asia-Pacific region in light of the tensions with North Korea.

“The historic United States-Australia alliance is more vital than ever to regional security and prosperity,” Pence stated on Saturday. “In recent years, we’ve dramatically stepped up our collaboration and cooperation between the United States and Australia.” Pence also said that Washington will honor the refugee resettlement agreement deal with Australia. Last month, US President Donald Trump called the agreement a “dumb deal.”