US Vice President Mike Pence continued his visit to Israel on Monday morning by meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is scheduled to speak at the Knesset on Monday afternoon. Local police have taken necessary precautions and have closed down roads to prepare for Pence’s visit.

Palestinians in the West Bank (archive)

Palestinians in the West Bank (archive) Photo Credit: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash 90

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence continued on Monday morning his visit to Israel with a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which will be followed by a speech at the Knesset. Pence will deliver the speech in front of all Knesset members, aside from those boycotting his visit. The Joint Arab List members decided to boycott Pence’s speech in light of US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem declaration. After the declaration was made, the Palestinian Authority canceled leader Mahmoud Abbas’ planned meeting with Pence and disinvited him from visiting the West Bank.

Pence arrived Sunday evening for a quick visit and is planned to leave on Tuesday afternoon. Israeli police have taken necessary precautions for potential riots and protests. Several roads and areas have been closed off, especially near the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where the Vice President is staying. Today, the streets surrounding the Knesset and the Prime Minister’s residence will also be closed.

Jerusalem police are preparing for the most complicated part of Pence’s visit- the time he will spend at the Western Wall. His trip to Jerusalem’s Old City and the Jewish holy site is planned for tomorrow and will take place amid the tensions following Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem District Police fears that riots in East Jerusalem may take place during Pence’s visit. However, sources have indicated that the potential protests will likely not be as dramatic as the ones that were witnessed immediately following Trump’s announcement.