The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CCA), founded in 2014, demanded that “Jeremy Corbyn must go”.

Urging Labour legislators to act, noting that “only 52 Labour parliamentarians[are needed] to propose a candidate for the post, or Labour parliamentarians could propose a vote of no confidence, or establish their own political party. We call on the Labour Party parliamentary group to take action.

The petition was posted on the Web site on Saturday,, the same day a Labor Party anti-Semitism campaign group filed a complaint against Corbyn for a 2013 speech in which it said the “Zionists” in Britain don’t know the history or understand English culture.

The CEC petition condemned the “disturbing events of Jeremy Corbyn’s troubling past” that “have come to light”.

“Corbyn has blamed Islamist terrorist attacks on Israel; he defended a dreadful anti-Semitic banner; he honored a sheikh expelled from the United Kingdom for saying that Jews drink non-Jewish blood; he said that a Hamas terrorist whose life-long work was the murder of Jews was his “brother; held a repulsive Holocaust Memorial Day event in which Jews were accused of being the successors of the Nazis; tried to remove the word “Holocaust” from the title of Holocaust Day; placed a floral offering at a memorial to the Black September terrorists behind the Munich Massacre; and now we have learned that he made remarks that suggest Jews are somehow un-British and alien to the customs of our country,” the petition said.

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 27th February 2016. (Garry Knight)
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 27th February 2016. (Garry Knight/Flickr CC))

The petition received 5,581 signatures in its first 20 hours online.

“For many years…he sought to defend, honor, help and promote anti-Semites and the reality is that his actions have been consistent with those of an ideological anti-Semite. We had hoped that the Labour Party would at some point stand up for the British Jews by eliminating Jeremy Corbyn or demanding his resignation, but the institutions of the once proud anti-racist Labour Party are now corrupted and will not act.”

In calling for Corbyn’s immediate suspension, Labour spokesman Euan Philipps said that the Labour leader “should be subject to the same scrutiny and procedures as any other member”.

“It is time for the Labour Party to demonstrate that it takes the fight against anti-Semitism seriously by immediately suspending Mr. Corbyn and launching a full and independent investigation into his conduct,” Philipps said.