A Department of Motor Vehicles ID picture of Robert Bowers
A Department of Motor Vehicles ID picture of Robert Bowers

The murderer of 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Robert Bowers, pleaded not guilty to 44 charges of hate crimes in federal court. According to court documents, Bowers, 46, pleaded not guilty to the events that occurred when he killed eleven people in a firearm attack inside a Jewish temple.

The defendant also requested that his case be heard in a people’s jury trial, although no starting date was set in the recorded document. However, the memorandum did state that the length of the trial would be between three and four weeks.

The motion was filed during the first preliminary hearing of the case in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh.

The judge in the case decided to accept the prosecution’s request that Bowers await for the trial on bail. Bowers could get the death penalty or spend the rest of his life in prison.

Robert Bowers, reportedly yelled, “All Jews must die,” when he began shooting in The Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, killing 11 synagogue visitors and wounding six other people including four police officers. The shooting considered to be one of the deadliest attacks on Jews in US history/