An Arkia passenger airplane and a civil helicopter almost crashed into each other mid-air over the town of Kfar Hasidim in northern Israel. At the last moment, the airplane pilot ascended and the helicopter pilot descended so that the aircraft flew at a range of 400 meters from each other.

An Arkia airplane

An Arkia airplane Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

At 10:00AM today (Monday), a serious incident was reported as a civil helicopter and an Arkia passenger airplane almost collided into each other mid-air.

The airplane was flying from Haifa to Eilat and as it was getting close to Kfar Hasidim, the pilot received a warning that the aircraft was on its way to crash into a civil helicopter. The helicopter descended as the airplane ascended in order to avoid colliding into each other. The aircraft were 400 meters from each other as they passed over Kfar Hasidim.

The Israeli Transportation Ministry’s lead accident investigator Yitzhak Raz claims that the control systems functioned as expected.