No indications of the reason behind the crash were found, but authorities will continue to investigate the matter. Boeing said it will assist the Cuban government under the parameters of US law.

Cubana airlines flight

Cubana airlines flight Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/U-95

A domestic flight from Havana to Holguin in eastern Cuba crashed briefly after taking off from the airport. The 11am flight caused a massive explosion to be heard by residents nearby, and so far only 3 survivors in critical conditions have been saved from the rubble. Out of the 105 passengers on the plane, 5 were non-Cuban nationals, as well as the crew members. The flight was part of Cubana airlines, which leased the 1979-Boeing 737 from a Mexican firm.

Initially, a fourth person was also saved from the crash, but her critical condition did not allow medical staff save her in time, and she passed away at the hospital. Officials have indicated that they have not located the source of the crash. The plane’s age made it relatively older than most aircraft used by larger airlines, and Boeing aircraft has indicated it is willing to assist Cuba under the permitted parameters of U.S. law.

Holguin is a popular tourist destination in Cuba, and the Cuban and Mexican governments have both indicated that they will continue investigations. Neither Cubana airlines nor the firm that leased them the plane has commented on the matter. Last year, another older aircraft crashed in Cuba, killing 39 individuals.