Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the IDF will not hesitate to strike the Syrian Army if attacked by it.

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Photo and video credit: GPO

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In his first statement addressing last night’s Israeli air strikes in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the IDF for successfully foiling Iran’s attempt to fire missiles at Israel and reiterated that Israel will continue to defend itself against any attack.

Netanyahu said Israel’s strikes are aimed primarily at Iranian targets, but stressed that Israel will retaliate against any attack, including by the Syrian Army. “That’s exactly what happened yesterday,” he said. “Syrian missile batteries fired surface-to-air missiles at us and we hit them.”

“The international community must prevent the entrenchment of Iran’s Quds Force in Syria,” Netanyahu added. “We must unite in order to cut off its spreading arms of evil, there and everywhere else.”

Netanyahu’s statement came at the end of an emergency meeting of Israel’s Security Cabinet in light of the escalating tensions on the northern border.