Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad reaffirmed his statement made in the 1970s that Jews have a “hooked nose” and stated that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust was not six million.

Mahathir, 92, became prime minister of Malaysia last May, returning to power after 15 years after removing the executive the party that ruled the Asian country for six decades.

When he came to power, he advocated for “important changes” for Malaysia with his victory, but what has not changed is his hard position against the Jews and his declared anti-Semitism.

“They have a hooked nose,” he insisted in a BBC interview this week during a visit to the United Kingdom. When he sensed that many viewers would find his comment offensive, he said: “Many people said that Malaysians have a fat nose. We didn’t oppose it, we didn’t go to war for it.

In his 1970 book “The Malaysian Dilemma,” Mahathir wrote that “Jews not only have a hooked nose, but they instinctively understand money,” based on two famous anti-Semitic stereotypes that have been used throughout history.

Mahathir also asserted that the consensus among historians that some 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust was false, and said it was only 4 million.

And in the same way, the leader, who has long supported the Palestinian cause, also blamed Israel for the problems in the Middle East. “If you’re going to be honest, the problem in the Middle East began with the creation of Israel. That’s the truth. But I can’t say that,” he added.