Amid foreign reports of an overnight Israeli airstrike in Syria, Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel will always strike first those who attempt to harm it.

Photo credit: Kremlin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday Israel takes preemptive action against anyone who attempts to harm it, alluding to reports on foreign media that Israel carried out an overnight airstrike on a Syrian air base in Homs.

“We have a clear and simple rule, and we always go by it  he who seeks to harm you, harm him first,” Netanyahu said during a ceremony in Sderot. “On the Gaza border, we don’t let anyone touch us. We’ll touch them. Our security in the present is crucial for our security in the future.”

Earlier on Monday, media sources in Iran reported that four members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in the alleged Israeli strike.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the alleged strike, saying it “violated international law” and was meant to “give more power to the terrorists.”