Speaking at a ceremony marking 70 years since the establishment of the IDF, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the latest security threats and expressed faith in the army’s ability to tackle them.

Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Amid growing tensions with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday Israel is prepared to respond with “an iron fist” to any attack on it.

“Whoever tries to hurt us will be hurt,” Netanyahu said during a ceremony in Latrun celebrating the 70th anniversary of the IDF’s establishment. “Let our enemies who threaten to annihilate us know that they will run into an iron wall and are putting themselves in great danger.”

Netanyahu’s remarks come a day after it was reported on Israeli media that Iran is believed to be planning a missile attack on Israel from Syria’s territory.

Israeli media reported on Monday that an Iranian retaliation for last month’s Israeli strike on its airbase in Syria may also include attempts to infiltrate northern-Israeli towns or military bases through Syria, either from the air or from the ground.

Netanyahu went on to praise the IDF for its resilience and morality. “Your mission is victory,” he told the commanders and officers present, including the army’s Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot. “If a war is forced upon us, I have complete faith in you and so does the entire nation.”