Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has slammed the statement made by his election rival Benny Gantz, who accused him of having left the country to live an elite life in the United States, while Gantz and his soldiers risked their lives in the trenches.

The Prime Minister exclaims “Benny Gantz, you should be ashamed”, and added “you are attacking me, an officer and combat soldier in the Sayeret Matkal command unit, in which I risked my life several times for the state, participated in different operations and was wounded in the 1972 operation to rescue the hostages from the Sabena plane hijacking.

”I was a soldier who almost lost my life in the Suez Canal shootout.” Netanyahu says.

The PM then spoke of his English language skills, asserting that he became the main force in the struggle to strengthen Israel’s political position.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MP Avi Dichter, said Gantz has gone from a passive silence to nonsense, accusing him of literally reading the words written by his public relations officers. Dichter describes it as an insult to intelligence to claim that Netanyahu was drinking cocktails at a time when Gantz was fighting.

Benny Gantz’s comments were also criticized by Military commentator Yossi Yehoshua, who said on Channel 12’s morning show that Gantz’s words do not describe him and clearly come from his campaigners.