Addressing ministers of homeland security from all over the world, Netanyahu said Israel is currently trying to handle the use of modern technology for terror purposes.

Watch: Netanyahu at the IHSF conference
Photo and video credit: Roee Avraham, GPO

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday addressed ministers of homeland security from nearly 20 foreign countries at a Jerusalem convention.

Netanyahu spoke of the ever-present conflict between the need to maintain security and the need to protect individual freedoms. “There’s a natural tension between security and freedom,” he said. “You cannot prefer one over the other. If you say that you want unlimited personal freedoms, you will soon collapse into anarchy and lawlessness.”

Addressing modern technology and its usage by terrorist groups, Netanyahu mentioned the use of drones for terror purposes and called it “a true nightmare.” “This is the ultimate distribution of technology down to the level of individuals. You don’t need vast state apparatus, you don’t need the foreign intelligence services of superpowers, you don’t need anything. You need a $50 contraption and 5 kg of TNT attached to it.”

“This distribution of technology has immense consequences that are obviously not understood, and we’re working on it right now,” he added.