According to an Israeli official, the leaders of Germany, France and the UK agreed in private talks that Iran should be removed from ‘all of Syria.’


Netanyahu Photo credit: Kremlin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is wrapping up a three-day European trip, in which he sought to convince leaders of his stance on the Iran nuclear deal, as well as the need to remove Iranian forces from Syria.

Speaking to Israeli reporters ahead of his departure from London, Netanyahu said his main goal was “to get Iran out of Syria.” “We’d rather deal with the problem now before they have a lethal weapon that will threaten Israel,” he said.

“If we had done nothing, Iran would have been able to activate hundreds of thousands of centrifuges, (built) hundreds of atom bombs and endanger our existence,” Netanyahu added, saying his twofold goal was “to prevent a successful path to uranium enrichment (to make) a nuclear bomb, and to break down the cash machine that is funding this empire.”

Following Netanyahu’s meetings with the leaders of Germany, France and the UK, an Israeli official said all three leaders had acknowledged in private conversations that Iran should be removed “from all of Syria.”