Eli Groner promoted several subjects in Israel’s public sector.

Groner with Netanyahu.

Groner with Netanyahu. Wikimedia Commons.

Director General of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office Eli Groner will resign after three years in this position, the Prime Minister’s Office announced Monday. Groner is expected to finish his 3-year term by the end of the Knesset’s summer session.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Groner for his service and stated, “I thank Eli Groner for his devotion and work in promoting subjects of prime significance in the economic and social sectors. The actions he led on my behalf, such as decreasing excess regulation, Numerator Law and consolidation of the gas agreement outlines, will affect the public and the Israeli economy for many years to come.”

The Director General thanked Netanyahu and commented, “I thank Prime Minister Netanyahu for the opportunity that he gave me to lead some significant steps for the Israeli economy and society. The completion of the reform in business licensing is a natural and fitting point to pass the reins to the next in position.”

Groner assumed office in 2015 and prior to this role, he was an economic delegate of Israel in Washington D.C and worked in senior positions in the business sector.