The controversial Polish Holocaust Law has been frozen until further legislative discussions ensue. A Polish delegation of lawmakers will be traveling to Israel in the coming days to discuss potential amendments to the law.


Auschwitz Photo Credit: Ehud Amiton/TPS

On Saturday, the Polish justice minister announced that the controversial Holocaust Law that criminalizes the phrase “Polish death camps” and removes Polish responsibility during World War II has been frozen at this stage of the legislative process. Furthermore, a delegation of Polish lawmakers will be traveling to Israel to discuss the proposed law and amend the version to move forward in the process.

In an interview with the Polish newspaper PAP, Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said that the delegation is to arrive in Israel in the coming days to address the law. The delegation reportedly may include Poland’s deputy foreign minister and the legal adviser of the prime minister. The law has been wildly criticized by Israel and the US for Poland attempting to “rewrite history.”

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Polish President Andrzej Duda presented the law to the Polish Constitutional Court for clarification and legitimacy in hopes of amending the law accordingly. Israel’s Director General of the Foreign Ministry Yuval Rotem has stated that the chance that the law will be amended is a great achievement for Israel and its diplomatic relations with Poland.

On Friday, former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk addressed the rising anti-Semitism in Poland, saying that that it is “very serious.” Poland has been warned by Israel and the US of the potential diplomatic issues that may rise from the controversial law.