The Israel Police has arrested one individual who defied an ordered quarantine and exited their home at least three times in the past three days, reported the Times of Israel.

Police are seeking to have the indicted individual remain behind bars – with no chance of bail – until their court proceedings conclude in the case.

An Israel Police spokesperson announced that another 86 cases have been opened regarding individuals suspected of breaking quarantines. According to the official, at least a dozen people are being investigated for spreading misinformation about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

While the country has not ordered a full lockdown, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged citizens to take the global pandemic created by the coronavirus seriously.

“This isn’t child’s play, it’s not summer vacation, it’s a matter of life and death,” he said Tuesday, as reported by the Times of Israel.

Despite the crackdown against those who are disobeying the Health Ministry’s orders and other advisories, Netanyahu said Tuesday that there are no immediate plans to impose a total lockdown.

“The transition of the public sector to the format of the state of emergency. The private sector is switching to a reduced format. State services – in the full format,” the prime minister said. “We do not lock people at home. I’m not talking about a total lockdown; I hope we will not get to this.”

Israel currently has over 529 conformed cases of coronavirus infection, with thankfully no deaths reported so far, reports Globes.