Suleiman al-Karnawi from Rahat was brutally beaten by Israeli police officers, an attack he says was completely unprovoked. Police say he shoved an officer and made threatening gestures.

Watch: Karnawi being beaten by the officers

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A Bedouin man from the southern-Israeli city of Rahat plans to file a complaint against Israeli police officers who hit him for no reason, he claims.

On Thursday, the officers arrived at Suleiman al-Karnawi’s home to look for stolen weapons. Karnawi says he told them that his two sons serve in the IDF and that there were no weapons in his house. He also asked them for a search warrant.

A surveillance video of the incident appears to show the officers begin to hit Karnawi without being provoked. He falls the the ground and they continue to kick him. Karnawi says he lost consciousness from the beating.

Karnawi was evacuated to a nearby hospital while the officers searched his house. They found no weapons and he was not arrested.

“I didn’t object to the search,” he says. “They have a right to do that. But I asked them for a warrant and then they started shoving me and beating me. They treated me like I was a terrorist. I even offered them coffee. They know me. They know I’m sick.”

Southern District Police said in a statement that Karnawi “shoved an officer, refused to identify himself, cursed, spit on the officers and made threatening gestures with his hands.”