On Thursday, an indictment will be filed against an Israeli-Arab who ran over three servicemen in Acre earlier this month. However, even though the incident was deemed a terror attack shortly after it took place, police investigators are now debating whether to charge the man with terror-related offenses.

Footage of the car-ramming

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An indictment will be filed later this week against the 26-year-old Israeli-Arab who ran over two IDF soldiers and an Israel Border Police officer in Acre earlier this month. While the Israel Police declared the incident a nationalistically motivated terror attack shortly after it took place, the Shfaram resident continues to claim that he has no connection to terrorist groups and was not trying to carry out an attack.

According to Hadashot news, Israeli police are now debating whether this was a nationalistically motivated attack. They will make a final decision before charges are filed on Thursday. The driver has reportedly told investigators that he wishes the Israeli servicemen a speedy recovery.

Moments before the car-ramming

Moments before the car-ramming Photo Credit: Security camera footage

According to the driver, he was heading toward the Acre train station to meet his pregnant wife, who was returning from a doctor’s appointment, and because he is unfamiliar with the area, he accidentally hit the Israeli servicemen.