Four police officers were injured in rallies against strict coronavirus-related restrictions in the West Bank, a spokesperson for the Israeli police said on Wednesday.

“Police arrived at the synagogue in Modi’in Illit and asked the crowd to leave the area. The officers were attacked with stones and firecrackers. During the riots, four police officers were injured, seven suspects were detained,” the spokesperson said.

In addition, the police have taken measures to ensure that the rules and regulations of the ministry of health are observed in Jerusalem. There were incidents with throwing stones and iron rods and 17 people were detained for participating in the riots.

Israel has been gripped by anti-government demonstrations since July, with citizens calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down, citing public dissatisfaction with the authorities’ response to COVID-19 and consequences of the pandemic, primarily the ongoing economic crisis.

The tensions have been exacerbated by the second infection-related lockdown introduced on September 18.