German police raided homes in search of another suspect in the Dortmund soccer team bus bombings last night. A suspect with radical Islamic connections was arrested.

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German police are raiding homes in search of another suspect involved in the explosions on Borussia Dortmund’s team bus last night. Today (Wednesday), another suspect was arrested with radical Islamic connections, according to the federal prosecutor’s office. Earlier today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the attack and was “horrified” by it.

Nails and bolts were found in one of the three explosive devices that blew up. According to prosecutors, a letter claiming responsibility for the blasts was found. However, the letter did not mention the group responsible for the explosions. The authenticity of the letter is being examined. As reported earlier by JOL, the explosions are possibly linked to ISIS. 

Germany, yesterday

Germany, yesterday Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

“The team is in shock,” Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said. According to the investigation, the explosive devices were apparently hidden in a fence and exploded just as the bus passed through the area. Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Bürki said the players ducked and hid in their chairs.


Merkel Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The German team made it clear that there was no danger to the stadium, which is expected to hold 80,000 spectators in the Champions League game tonight.

The bus

The bus Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News