Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have known about the deletion of incriminating text messages sent by his wife, Sara, to the chief shareholder of Bezeq.

Photo credit: Flash 90

The Israel Police believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized his former media advisor to request the deletion of incriminating text messages and are expected to question him for suspected obstruction of justice, Israel News Company reported on Monday.

According to the allegations, Nir Hefetz, Netanyahu’s former aide who recently became a state witness against him, urged Bezeq chief shareholder Shaul Elovitch to delete text messages sent to his phone by Sara Netanyahu, the prime minister’s wife, in which she allegedly instructed him to change stories published on the popular Walla news site in order to make them more favorable toward her husband.

Hefetz reportedly sent a message to Elovitch urging him to “delete all the messages from Sara and destroy the phone.” He told the police investigators that he had destroyed his own phone prior to becoming a state witness, but managed to save copies of some text messages and audio files that proved the contact between the two parties.

The Bezeq case, also known as Case 4,000, revolves around allegations that Netanyahu instructed his former Communications Ministry chief Shlomo Filber to promote regulatory benefits to telecommunications company Bezeq in exchange for favorable coverage on a leading Israeli news site owned by Bezeq’s chief shareholder.

Netanyahu’s office said in a statement, “The leaking of information from an investigation, even if it is false, is the real attempt to obstruct justice.”