Assailant Suspect

An Israeli in his mid-forties was seriously injured in a knife attack Ramat Hasharon, a suburb north of Tel Aviv.

The injured man was taken by first responders to the Beilinson hospital in Petach Tikva where he is being treated.

A first responder told reporters what he saw when he first got to the scene, “When we got there, we saw a man, fully conscious, lying in the street with stab wounds in his upper body. We provided him with life-saving medical treatment in the field, including stopping the bleeding and bandaging the wounds, then we evacuated him to the hospital. His condition is moderate and stable.”

Some witnesses of the attack told police that the perpetrator was an Arab who left a construction site nearby that came over to the victim and stabbed him in the upper torso.

Police officers are conducting a wide search operation to catch the attacker. Several checkpoints have been established in the area, and a helicopter has been deployed to assist in the search efforts

The police have also released a photo of the suspect on social networks and is asking everyone to call in if they have any information that can lead to his whereabouts.