Hundreds of police officers have stormed the Amona synagogue where about 60 young people have barricaded themselves inside. The synagogue will be the last building in Amona to be evacuated. According to reports, violent clashes broke out when the officers entered the synagogue.

Footage from Amona

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Israeli security forces have entered the synagogue in Amona, the last building where protesters have barricaded themselves inside. After hours of trying to convince the protesters to exit the building willingly, police forces broke through the obstacles that the protesters had placed outside the building and entered the synagogue.

When the police officers entered the building, several of the protesters started throwing items at them. Some protesters even sprayed a fire extinguisher at the officers. Eight police officers were slightly injured from broken glass and smoke inhalation. The protesters inside have tied themselves to items in the building with chains. The police officers who entered the building are wearing protective face coverings.

Outside the Amona synagogue, today

Outside the Amona synagogue, today Photo Credit: Avi Keshman/Channel 2 News

According to assessments, there are about 60 young people inside the building. Police negotiators attempted to reach an understanding with the protesters but eventually realized that the talks with them were not advancing so the Israel Police decided to send in the forces.

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan tweeted: “All of the protesters inside the synagogue are hooligans worthy of every insult who are a disgrace to Judaism. They don’t have any respect for the religion, synagogues or rabbis.”

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