The Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Department has decided to charge an Israel Border Police officer with disciplinary offenses after he used disproportionate force when a Bedouin man refused to show him his identification card.

Watch: Footage of the incident that occurred outside of Super Yoda

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The Police Internal Investigations Department decided earlier today (Thursday) to charge Border Police officer Ben Adri with disciplinary charges for unreasonable use of force and inappropriate behavior towards a “Super Yoda” employee in Tel Aviv. The decision comes a year after Channel 2 first showed footage of the employee being beaten up by officers for refusing to show them his identification card. It was also decided that the Israel Police would review the conduct of the four additional police officers involved in the incident.

The incident took place in May 2016 when the plaintiff, a Bedouin employee at the supermarket, aroused Adri and another Border Police officer’s suspicions on Ibn Gabirol Street in Tel Aviv because they heard him talking on the phone in Arabic. The two officers were wearing civilian clothing and asked the plaintiff to identify himself while presenting him with their identification. The plaintiff refused and insisted that they call for a uniformed officer, which they subsequently did.

People protest outside of Super Yoda in support of the plaintiff

People protest outside of Super Yoda in support of the plaintiff Photo credit: Hadash Party/ Channel 2 News

At this stage, the plaintiff’s manager arrived and explained to the police that he was an employee at the supermarket and invited the police to come to his office to see the man’s documents but the police refused. Adri and the plaintiff began shoving each other after the latter began to act violently. The uniformed officer arrived and tried to speak with the plaintiff but he was apparently also attacked by the plaintiff. Five police officers used force in an attempt to restrain the plaintiff and in response, the plaintiff choked one of the officers.

Following the results of the investigation of the incident, the Police Internal Investigations Department concluded that the officers had racially profiled the plaintiff and that the plaintiff had acted with aggression because he felt that he was done a grave injustice when he was asked to identify himself.

The Police Internal Investigations Department decided to indict Adri for the unreasonable use of force. The plaintiff’s claims that the officers insulted and abused him during his police interrogation at the station will be examined by the appropriate authority in the Israel Police.