Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that on Wednesday, a Polish delegation will be arriving in Israel to discuss the controversial Holocaust bill. Leading the Polish delegation will be the Deputy Foreign Minister. The delegation will meet with the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other representatives.

Israeli MKs visit Auschwitz in 2014

Israeli MKs visit Auschwitz in 2014 Photo Credit: Haim Zach/GPO

On Wednesday, a delegation of lawmakers from Poland will be arriving in Israel to discuss the controversial Holocaust bill that renounces Polish responsibility during World War II. The delegation, led by the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, will meet with senior Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry officials, including Director General Yuval Rotem.

Three representatives from the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, including Yad Vashem’s chief historian, Professor Dina Porat, will also be in attendance. Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari, a team of jurists and a representative from the European Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also attend the meeting.

The ministry explained that the Polish delegation is coming to Israel “to speak with its Israeli counterparts, whose goal is to preserve the historical truth and prevent harm to the freedom of research and expression.””

As previously reported by JOL, the controversial Holocaust bill criminalizes the phrase “Polish death camps” from being said in Poland and can result to up to three years in prison.