Nearly half of people who voted for former US President Donald Trump say they would join Trump’s party if he were to create one and would leave the GOP, a new Suffolk University poll revealed.

Out of the polled 1,000 Trump voters, identified from last year’s surveys, 46 percent said they would join the Trump party, while 27 percent said they would not. The rest were undecided.

Half of the people surveyed said they believed the Republican Party should become “more loyal to Trump,” and expressed stronger loyalty to the former president (54 percent) than they did to the GOP.

A poll conducted by ABC News revealed last week that 58 percent of Americans believed that Trump should have been convicted during the impeachment trial in the US Senate. This included only 14 percent of Republicans (vs 88 percent of Democrats).

Following the DC riots, when thousands of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in a bid to prevent the congressional certification of the 2020 elections results, lawmakers, including several Republicans, took to accuse Trump of inciting the mob. The House impeached Trump on charges of “incitement of insurrection.” The Senate acquitted Trump last week, with those lawmakers who sought to impeach him failing to secure the needed two-thirds majority.