A recent poll conducted by the Menachem Lazar of the Israel Democracy Center’s Guttman Center has revealed what voters think of a Netanyahu – Gantz rotation, the inclusion of the ultra-Orthodox and Arab Israelis in the government, a 2-party system, revoting for the same party again if a third election is called, and an Netanyahu indictment.

56% of the public support a rotation between Netanyahu and Gantz for the position of prime minister; 14% support a rotation only if Netanyahu is first in line to serve as prime minister, and 20% only if Gantz is first.

41% of the general public is in favor of including the ultra-Orthodox parties in the government, while 66% of Jews view the establishment of a coalition that includes the Arab Joint List as problematic.

According to the poll, 56% of Israelis support the idea of a 2-party system, as compared with 33% who oppose it.

There was a large statistical gap in regards to revoting for the same party again if a third election is called.

51.5% of Yisrael Beytenu voters, 64% of Labor-Gesher voters, 70% of Shas voters, 71% of Otzma Yehudit voters , and 76% of Yamina, 84% of Blue and White voters, 88.5% of Likud voters, 90% of Joint Arab Joint List voters, and 100% of United Torah Judaism voters answered in the affirmative.

If Netanyahu is indicted, 65% of Israelis believe that he should resign as head of the Likud.

In response to who should replace him, Gideon Saar received the greatest support among the general public with 41%, as compared with 8% who support MK Yuli-Yoel Edelstein; 6% for Gilad Ardan, and 8% and who support other candidates.