A recent poll showed Israelis are unhappy with the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis and support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party is dropping.

The poll shows that 75 percent of respondents said the government is not doing a good job of handling the economic crisis and 61 percent are not satisfied with the job Netanyahu is doing to manage the country.

Asked about their concern for their personal economic stability and that of their families, 83 percent said they are worried, with 38 percent being very worried.

Netanyahu’s government won praise for successfully navigating the first wave of infections, but since reopening the economy two months ago the infection rate has increased and the second wave of infections has left more people sick with the virus than the first wave.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein warned that if daily infections, currently averaging around 1,200, reach 2,000 per day, there would be no choice but to impose a national lockdown to prevent the health system from collapsing.