A day after Benny Gantz officially launched his election campaign to run as a candidate to be the next prime minister, a survey reveals that the gap between him and Netanyahu is shrinking more and more.

According to the survey conducted by the Israeli state media Kan , the Gantz led party would now reach 23 seats in the next Knesset (Israeli parliament) while the Likud of Netanyahu would reach 31.

The gap between Gantz and Netanyahu is also closing with respect to the question of who is the most suited to be prime minister. Of those polled, Netanyahu received 47% of the votes, while the former army commander reaches 41%.

Against the other candidates , Netanyahu is a big favorite (49%) against the head of the Yesh Atid party, Yair Lapid (14%). The difference is even greater when Netanyahu (50%) is up against the leader of Avoda, Avi Gabbay (8%).