There are still more Arab countries that the US believes are willing to normalize ties with Israel.

“I am very confident that other nations will join what the Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Sudanese have done and recognized the rightful place of Israel among nations,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Dubai-based Saudi-owned al-Arabiya television channel.

“They’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do for their nation, because of increased prosperity and security for their country,” Pompeo said, without elaborating which countries he had in mind.

According to Pompeo, the common threat from Iran has helped bring the Gulf States and Israel together.

Regarding the Israeli recognition deals, Pompeo reiterated that every country that wants a better situation for their people will come along to recognize Israel. He also criticized Palestinian leaders’ rejection of the Trump peace plan, saying the Trump administration would love for the Palestinians to engage with Israel.

This past week Pompeo paid a whirlwind multi-state visit to the Middle East this week, demonstratively touring a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank and stopping by in the Golan Heights, and going on to visit the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.