The Pope and the university president have signed an agreement to launch the project by hosting an international conference in the summer.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Pope Francis has met with the president of the Hebrew University to launch a joint project for promoting dialogue and civic opportunities for peace in the region, i24news has reported.

As part of the project, the university and the Vatican will host an international conference in the summer of 2017, which will be attended by academics and representatives of several organizations from around the globe.

“The Hebrew University and its Truman Institute are excited to work with Pope Francis and Scholas to foster encounters between young people, academia, and the real world, towards progress and peace,” said Prof. Menachem Ben Sasson. “This project is aimed at building a better future for the world.”

“Religion can bring us together and teach us to create the bonds of friendship,” Pope Francis said. “With the intuition of Scholas and the intelligence and history of the Hebrew University, I am sure that this will produce great changes in the world.”