For many years, US legislators have been gerrymandering-manipulating the borders of electoral districts to favor their own party. However, the Supreme Court has decided to take on the controversial issue starting in October.

US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), the US Supreme Court agreed to take on a case with the potential to dramatically affect the future elections in the country. The Supreme Court will deal with Wisconsin’s appeal of a lower court ruling and will discuss the issue of gerrymandering, or manipulating electoral districts in order to favor a specific political party.

Gerrymandering is a common practice in US politics, although very controversial. Former US President Barack Obama even stated that it will be one of the central issues that he will deal with after leaving the White House.

The two biggest parties have been gerrymandering for many years, adjusting the borders in such a way as to increase the chances of winning as many seats as possible both in the Senate and the general election.

“Republican legislative leaders authorized a secretive and exclusionary mapmaking process,” stated a dozen voters who files the case in Wisconsin. “Aimed at securing for their party a large advantage that would persist no matter what happened in future elections.” While Republicans got 48.6% of the votes in Wisconsin, they managed to get a 60 to 39 seat majority in the State Assembly with the help of gerrymandering.