The Palestinian Director of the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority estimated a “good chance” for negotiations between the hunger-striking Palestinian security prisoners and the Israel Prison Service.

Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

This morning (Friday), Palestinian news outlets reported “signs” of possible contacts between the Israel Prison Service (IPS) and leaders of the Palestinian security prisoners’ hunger-strike.

Palestinian Director of the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority Issa Karake stated that there is a “good chance” for talks in the coming hours. The report has yet to be confirmed by the IPS, who repeatedly stated over the past few weeks that they aren’t willing to negotiate with the prisoners regarding their conditions.

The hunger-strike is entering its 26th day. While footage of leader Marwan Barghouti secretly eating was released, Palestinian news outlets report that hundreds more have joined the strike following calls from Fatah.

Earlier this week, the IPS confirmed that more security prisoners have been eating secretly. Meanwhile, intelligence authorities told Israel’s Channel 2 news that supporters of Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are sure that the footage is a ‘God-given present’ for the Palestinian leader. They claim that the video could ‘strike a death blow’ to Barghouti’s ambitions to replace Abbas one day in the future.

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