Dozens of Georgian citizens were caught in Israel without an entry stamp in their passports. Yesterday, a suspect was arrested in the affair- an airport employee with access to all areas of the airport.

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport Photo credit: Flik47/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Monday), it was revealed by Israel’s Channel 2 News that dozens of Georgian citizens were smuggled into Israel without going through passport control by an employee at Ben Gurion Airport. Today, the first suspect was arrested- a contract worker at the airport with an all-area access. His arrest was extended and the possibility of a possible smuggling network into Israel is being examined.

Last night, a flight landed from Georgia. This time, police investigators were waiting and following the passengers. The investigators identified an airport employee pulling two of the passengers aside and trying to smuggle them through the side door without going through passport control.

Immigration inspectors have recently captured dozens of Georgian citizens without an entry stamp to in their passports. This raises the question of how Israeli authorities aren’t aware that not all arriving passengers are going through control. The Population and Immigration Authority claimed that because the data is considered commercial information belonging to the airlines, they are not allowed to receive the number of passengers entering.