A prankster altered the famous Hollywood sign yesterday so that it would read Hollyweed. Police are still trying to locate the suspect.

Hollyweed in California

Hollyweed in California Photo Credit: Facebook Live/Channel 2 News

Hollywood residents woke up this morning (Sunday) to a new site in 2017. A prankster changed the O’s in the famous sign to E’s so that it would read Hollyweed. Local police have not yet located the suspect.

One of the investigators told local news outlets that the suspect will most likely be charged with trespassing. The security camera footage that the police reviewed showed a man climbing the mountain around midnight. The man then used tarps to change the letters.

This is not the first time that the famous Hollywood sign has been vandalized. In fact, the sign was lasted vandalized to read Hollyweed when California’s relaxed marijuana law came into effect.