Despite the protests from international animal rights organizations and Chinese activists, the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is set to take place this year as usual.

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In the Chinese city of Yulin, locals are already preparing for the traditional holiday during which it is customary to eat dog meat. In a video that was recorded recently, the dog meat market is seen packed with people, while thousands of dogs are contained in cages. The tradition of this holiday continues despite the protests of animal rights organizations and activists from all over the world and within China.

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival marks the first day of summer. Every year, the festival sparks up again a debate about eating dog meat. Chan Chen, a volunteer and activist for animal rights, has been working for several years in order to cancel the festival. According to Chen, he was able to convince a number of dog meat sellers to make a living from raising other animals.

“We talked to many people here and it’s hard to convince them to stop eating dog meat,” he added. “But what I’m most concern about is that the young people are still eating this meat. They think it’s part of our tradition- it’s pathetic.” According to Chen, even some senior level Chinese government officials think it might be time to cancel this practice but for now, the dog meat market in Yulin is still a popular destination.