Is US President Donald Trump finally heading to Israel? The details of the visit have yet to be finalized, but it would appear that Trump is planning to arrive in Israel at the end of May shortly after his visit to Europe.


Trump Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 news

Israeli officials have been in contact with their American counterparts in an attempt to coordinate US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel. It was announced today that there is a possibility that Trump will visit the Jewish State on or around May 21 following his visit to Europe.

The meeting between the two leaders is expected to take place after Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ meeting with Trump on May 3 in Washington, DC. White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said that the two will use the visit to strengthen the US’ and Palestinian leadership’s commitment to an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that could put an end to the conflict.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas 'willing to meet with Netanyahu whenever'

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas ‘willing to meet with Netanyahu whenever’ Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In an interview that he gave last week to a Japanese newspaper, Abbas made it clear that he was willing to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington under the auspices of Trump at any time. He said that he did not think there was an alternative to a two-state solution within the 1967 borders, that a political settlement with Israel would be based on a “painful” compromise on the Palestinian Authority’s part and that a halt to construction in the settlements would be a precondition.