The Solidarity of Nations (Achvat Amim) program is described in its promotional videos as an opportunity for Jewish young people to familiarize themselves with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from up close. However, Channel 2 News has discovered that the volunteers in the program have participated in clashes with IDF forces in an illegal Palestinian outpost in the West Bank.

Watch: Solidarity of Nations participants clashing with IDF soldiers

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The Solidarity of Nations (Achvat Amim) organization brings youths from around the world to Israel so that they can familiarize themselves with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from up close. However, it appears that many of them use their time in Israel to participate in clashes with IDF soldiers and join Palestinian protesters who refuse to leave an illegal outpost in the West Bank.

The program offered by Solidarity of Nations is considered one of the most prestigious programs for Jewish youths from around the world. The youths arrive in Israel for a five-month stay and are supposed to take part in activities about the conflict. The program is spearheaded by Daniel Roth and Karen Isaacs. The program’s promotional videos explain that the activities take place in Jerusalem and that the participants will be able to understand the conflict from within the city.

Clashing with IDF forces

Clashing with IDF forces Photo Credit: Daniel Roth’s YouTube page/Channel 2 News

However, footage recorded by members of the group shows them volunteering in Sumud, an illegal Palestinian outpost in the West Bank that was established in May 2017. The outpost has been evacuated and destroyed by IDF forces several times. However, the Palestinians rebuild the camp after every demolition—with the help of the Solidarity of Nations volunteers, who also clash with the IDF forces that come to tear it down.

Solidarity of Nations participants

Solidarity of Nations participants Photo Credit: MAGAZINE972/Channel 2 News

Some of the videos show a Palestinian man from Hebron telling the Jewish youths how to act when the IDF forces arrive to demolish the illegal outpost. Others show the Jewish young people clashing with the IDF soldiers.

However, the most absurd aspect of the story, which was discovered by Channel 2 News, is that the program is subsidized up to $3,000 per participant by none other than the Jewish Agency’s Masa project, which is funded by the government. As a result, Solidarity of Nations officials have access to young Jewish people from around the world who sign up for the Jewish Agency’s Masa program and recruit them for activities that deal with “the resistance to the occupation.”

Channel 2 News received the following response from the Jewish Agency: “The Solidarity of Nations project, which is operated in this case by the Hashomer Hatzair movement (The Young Guard), is a volunteer program that assists Arab and Jewish children in Jerusalem. The activities described in your letter run counter to the goals of Masa, are unfamiliar to us and were not reported to us.” The Jewish Agency added that it is currently reviewing the report and examining its next steps regarding its connection to the Solidarity of Nations project.