Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) Director-General Prof. Shmuel Shapira has announced that progress regarding its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is going slower than expected.

“We completed the first phase five days ago, and we are set to begin the second phase within 10 days. Had we not encountered over-regulation, we would have progressed more. We were supposed to already be in the third phase, but now we will reach it only in April,” ​Shapira at Thursday’s COVID-19 task force meeting at the Knesset.

Shapira also said that many countries from all over the world “are asking to join our experiment,” adding “many people in the State of Israel, including senior officials in the healthcare system, want to be a part of the second phase of our vaccine experiment.”

“We have the ability to produce 15 million vaccine doses for the benefit of the citizens of the State of Israel, and our ethical and professional commitment is very strong. Our vaccine is a safe foot on the ground. We don’t have any stocks, and we have no economic considerations, only the good of the citizens of Israel,” he said.