Dozens of Muslims continue to protest the heightened security measures at the Temple Mount entrances: “Do not enter through the security barriers of the occupation, we will not accept any restriction.” One protester claimed: “Israel planned the attack.” Police: “No irregular confrontations took place.”

Watch: Demonstrations at the Temple Mount

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Dozens of Muslims are demonstrating today (Monday) at the entrance gates of the holy site in protest of the Israeli security measures taken following the terrorist attack in which two Israeli police officers were murdered on Friday. While no unusual confrontations or arrests were reported today, the tensions at the holy site were high.

The Israel Police stressed that hundreds of Muslim worshippers entered the site this morning, along with groups of tourists and Jews. Abu-Muhammad, who came to pray at the site, shouted: “In blood, we shall release you Al-Aqsa. Do not enter the security barriers of the occupation.”

He emphasized: “Our position will not change. We will not accept any restrictions at Al-Aqsa. For life to continue here in security, the entrance must be opened; (we say) no to electronic gates, no to police officers standing with weapons. This is a place for worshiping Allah and we will not permit it to be changed.”

Outside the Temple Mount, today

Outside the Temple Mount, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Nizam Ali, another worshipper, warned about the repercussions that will stem from these new measures: “Jews, know that Muhammad’s army here is ready, we will sit strong here. We will not agree to any change here. Our strength is our resolution. Al-Aqsa is stronger than everyone including the corrupting occupation.”

Ibrahim, who also came to protest against the Israeli policies, stated: “You planned the terror attack, Israel brought in the weapons and recruited these people. These things don’t happen here with us. You did it to steal the sovereignty over Al-Aqsa.”

Protesters at Temple Mount

Protesters at Temple Mount Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hamas also continued today to address the Israeli security measures taken at the Temple Mount. “We salute the guardians of the Temple Mount and the believers who refuse to enter via the metal detectors intended to tighten the security control,” the terror group said in a statement. “This unprecedented and dangerous measure is destined to fail and will not succeed in providing security to the Zionists. We call on our people to retaliate against the Zionist occupying force and on the children of the Islamic people and Arab states to support the resisters from Jerusalem.”