Dozens participated in a protest against the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem in light of his statement against the gay community. Protestors called for the Mayor of Jerusalem to dismiss the Rabbi from his position and accused him of incitement to murder. Facing the protestors were supporters of the rabbi, who were yelling: “The LGBT organizations are terror organizations. Rabbi Amar is under attack.”

Protestors against Rabbi Amar

Protestors against Rabbi Amar Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Dozens protested today in front of the offices of Rabbi Shlomo Amar in Jerusalem, calling for him to resign. Rabbi Amar, who is the head Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem, said in an interview over the weekend that the gay community is a “cult of abomination.” He also attacked the Jewish Reform community.

Protestors raised gay pride flags and held signs that read “we don’t believe in unjust hate” and “love your neighbor as yourself.” Several of the protestors even accused the rabbi of incitement to murder and said that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel won’t decide what a family looks like.

Supporters of Rabbi Amar

Supporters of Rabbi Amar Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, a member of Jerusalem’s city council, admitted that he finds many differences in his values and those of the members of the LGBT community but he spoke out against Rabbi Amar, saying: “A chief rabbi has to be a rabbi for everyone and not incite hatred against an entire community. Leadership is tested when facing those with whom we don’t necessarily agree.”

Simultaneously, a number of activists who support the rabbi gathered in order to counter the protest. The Rabbi Amar supporters yelled: “The reform Jews won’t beat us.” Head of Lehava organization Ben-Zion Gopstein even called the LGBT organizations “the strongest terror organizations in the Middle East.” “A woman is a woman and a man is a man and we will not give up to them,” said Gopstein.