Channel 2 News’ correspondent in New York spoke with a few anti-Trump protesters who took to the streets recently.

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For the past five days, residents of several major cities across the US have been protesting against the presidential election results. A few protesters from New York explained to Channel 2 News’ Branu Tagania what made them take to the streets.

“I believe that everybody has a right: gays, transgender, the whole LGBTQ community, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, Mexicans,” Josh Birnbaum said. “His [Trump’s] family members were immigrants, they’re from Germany. He wouldn’t even be here, his wife wouldn’t be here, his children wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for immigrants.”

Anti-Trump protesters

Anti-Trump protesters Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“I’m here to protest the election of Donald Trump,” said Alvaro Sanchez. “I think he’ll be terrible for immigrants and all minorities in this country. He needs to be opposed.”

Tory Mendi said that she came out to protest in order to send a message: “I’m here in order to get the message out that the Electoral College on the 19th of December will cast their vote for the president of the United States and they have the ability and the responsibility to respect the popular vote of the United States people. The majority of the voters voted for someone else to be our president and they should honor that.”